Saturday, 25 January 2014

Hall pass

Well today was Robbie Burns' birthday

But in more important Scottish news, it's also the due date of my niece Heather and her husband Gary's baby girl. She didn't decide to honour us with her presence today but she got some urging along from Heather's co workers:

An Ode to Birth

Time tae get that bairn oot,
We ken that she'll be awfy cute,
So dinnae wait anither oor
Get down tae hospital fae sure!

Heather looks great.

The care package from this shower arrived in Scotland just in time a few days ago!

We are super duper excited. Stay tuned!

Harry blew me away today. He asked to have his harness put on and I expected the usual 30 seconds on the porch or like yesterday, him not even setting foot outside. (Quite reasonably as I wasn't going to either. Nose still running like a tap.)

However he pointed me to the other door and out in the hall we went.

This is incredibly brave as the hall with the muted sounds all around really freaks him out. Desperate weather calls for desperate times.

We only got a few doors down before he did the usual hall thing where he wants to go in the nearest door.

Outside he knows exactly where we live, inside every door is home, I think cause he's so nervous.

We made it back into the right apartment and he was really pleased with himself.

We had a rousing game of Clumsy Ninja. The ninja needs a lot of validation after each training session - always asking for high fives and Harry loves slapping the iPod so it's a match made in heaven.

He can actually move the ninja around the screen. It amazes me that toe pads work just as well as fingers.

Double high five:

Tomorrow you'll see rag dolls big adventure :)


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