Thursday, 16 January 2014

Good boring

Stellar checkup at the cancer centre today. I have to see one or the other of my cancer doctors every three months, not sure for how long. It's boring but boring is a very very very good thing.

Enough about that. Let's get to the sushi! I don't know if every Fortino's does this but the Upper Wentworth one in Hamilton has two people making fresh sushi to order and gives out samples. Uh yeah.

The sample lady helped Karen figure out what she needed to buy to make sushi rolls. She and Caleb have big plans and Emily says she's going to try it!

This time we ate at the view point at the top of the mountain instead of a Tim Horton's parking lot. These happen to be the only pictures of the view I took:

I suppose we'll eventually calm down about Sushi but we were late to the party and it's just such fun to enter a whole new world. I know I'm not using correct words for it and I know what we like is as westernized as hamburgers, it's not even raw fish, but I don't care. (We do try the real thing when we are in restaurants.)

To see my 9 second Sushi tribute click here.

After we got back from Hamilton and the gym Harry got out for a bit after some thought.

Instead of venturing across the lawn he decided to casually sneak up on the cat nip pot and have a rummage.

He even checked out an alternate spot.

Getting brave in the snow!


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