Tuesday, 28 January 2014


Big news of the day is the joy we feel welcoming my little great niece Elizabeth Catherine into the world!

Can't wait till we get to meet her. In the meantime her grandma, my sister Anne, is heading over to Scotland with her camera primed and ready. So happy! Congratulations Heather and Gary!

Sunny and cold again today.

Glad my apt is not under this:

At this point I wonder if warmer weather might be harder on the ladies than the cold but I'm willing to find out.

Harrison sits in the window. He knows how cold it is. Today we stopped the charade and didn't put the harness on. But we used the time of me coming in from my walk to start a new routine of concentrated play.

Tissue paper makes everything way more exciting.

FaceTimed with the kids tonight.

Emily got third place in a poster contest!


And I set a new record for non stop walking:

I wish I knew what unit of measure the machine is using. If it's point 6 of a mile my walking apps that are telling me it's 2.6 km around my building are waaaay off. The fastest I've walked around the building (in the summer) is 18 minutes which included 2 rests and 2.6 km is more than a mile. Makes my brain hurt.

Oh well whatever it is, I've never walked .61 of it at once before and I'm happy about that.



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