Thursday, 23 January 2014

Cooper at the pool

Did absolutely nothing today but never fear we have the swimming with Cooper pictures to enjoy!

The boys tried for selfies.

Got a bit of a hair cut with red hi-lites.

Karen and Dana took the rest of these pictures as I was in the deep end.

I am SO glad they did.

Swimming takes place during Coop's bedtime so it took a while for him to get going. Dana had already gone to get dressed and that's when Cooper started to stick his face right in the water. It was totally his idea.

Brave boy!

He was fascinated by the black tiles too and played them like a honky tonk piano. Judging from Karen's face it was a bit splashy.

He especially liked the lone black tiles.

He did some good touch down calling too.

Needs a little work on his high five :)

And look at how much Melissa's Knit and Purl have grown! Beauties, all three.


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