Monday, 6 January 2014

You'd have to be a little crazy

Who'da thunk I'd go outside voluntarily today! One of the best thing about not having a car anymore is not having to move it for snow removal. But there were some patches of blue sky so...

Out I went.

Really I did see the sky!

But most of the time you wanted to keep your head down and I guess the next few days will be even windier.

There were not a lot of places I could go today, they clear the sidewalks and they quickly get blown over again but I saw a clear path over to my red and yellow berries.

We'll see how crazy I feel tomorrow. It would call for an upgrade from my staypuft marshmallow coat to my Mark's Work Warehouse one for sure if I go out. Staypuft reached it's wind block limit today. Made skating on New Year's Eve seem warm and cozy!

And don't worry, I rest a lot, I know I'm exerting more in the cold.

The neighbours I feel sorry for are the puppies. Harry asked for his leash on today but couldn't bring himself to set foot outside. He stood just inside the door lifting his feet up and down. He tried.

While I was doing laundry later I ran into sweet little white doggie Molly. Her mum said that they'd walked up and down the whole building inside. Molly wants to try every door to see if the weather is any better there. It's a reasonable quest as the weather is often very different front and back.

I noticed that Molly had 4 bright red stockings on but her mum said they were actually dollar store balloons to protect against salt and don't do much in the way of warmth. Hmmm, watch out Harry, I might try that if it warms up a little :)


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