Sunday, 22 May 2016

A bluejay tea party

On Sunday afternoons I often listen to the bluejay's game on my radio (it was pretty much the last actual radio in the stores.) Its been a bit discouraging lately to follow the Jays but today it was awesome and one of the team members actually showed up. 

But first I confused some squirrels (and probably neighbors) with a tea party. 

Love this little house someone has put up 

I had been hearing a loud squawking bird for a while and didn't realize it was a bluejay. 

I don't see them often and when I do it's usually this view. 

But today this guy felt like posing. I was pretty thrilled. 

Buddy squirrel here decided to see if the plates were edible. 


I lost my knitted cupcake to the wind and had to go back later and find it. I did!

Susan and Tilly came along. Tilly was buzzed from wanting to take on a huge dog that barked at her. #nofear

I really really want to get a chippy at the tea party but no luck today. 

The squirrels are bossy pants. I'll have to try again and distract them by throwing peanuts somewhere else. 

The teacups would have to be quite a bit further apart to get two squirrels at the same time. They're not the best sharers. This was as close as it got. 

Busy day for sparrows. 

On the way home I witnessed the circle of life in action. The birds all went nuts and a huge hawk raced overhead after a smaller bird. 

Not sure how it turned out. 

Harry and I were pretty frustrated with each other today. All he wanted to do was sniff under cars and I'm pretty sure my neighbors don't want us doing that. 

At least I understand why he does it. The chippies and sparrows hang out under cars. And then he sees his reflection and it's game on. 


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  1. We have had a blue jay sitting on our fence periodically for the last few days, which is unusual because we don't see usually see them much.