Monday, 2 May 2016

Max drops by and big family news!

Al and Max dropped by tonight. Al bulked up our flowerbed and flower pots with some great compost and Max jumped for tiny pieces of bread which he prefers to dog treats. 

Throw it. Throw eeet!



Earlier in the day Henry dropped by with some excellent cat nip from my sister Anne. Looking forward to my porch garden and I'm so fortunate that it's a group effort! Harry now has more incentive to want to go outside which is good. 

Still earlier in the day I sought out some raindrops for our photography club assignment. Raindrops during daylight  have been few and far between lately. 

Unfortunately most things were already dry. Really want to catch these crabapples in the rain sometime. 

And last but not certainly not least my sister ML's son Paul and the lovely Shanna got officially engaged this weekend! It's been unofficial for a while, I think they were saving up for the ring :-)


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