Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Cooper takes Harry to the vet

Today Cooper helped Henry and I take Harrison for his checkup. 

But first Harry had a little dandelion walk. 

Then Cooper and Henry texted me that they were at my playpark. 

So I headed over with the angry bird toys who got right in on the action. 

Cooper had me make a wish. I wished that Harry wouldn't be too upset going to the doctor and I think it came true to some degree. 

After some popcorn we got Harry into his carrying case and headed out. 

Cooper put lots of fresh catnip in the carrier which Harry seemed to appreciate. 

Cooper was calm and told Harrison "it's gonna be okay" many times. 

Nice to have Cooper's mom Dana who works there to meet us. 

Harry was a good healthy boy though he's still a chunky monkey. Gonna try a new food. 

The clinic cat came out to say goodbye. 

Harry took a well earned nap while I went to squirrel land. 

Turns out cardinals need feeders with flat perches which we'll hopefully have when the birding program starts in June. 

iPod pictures 

Shadow thought bubbles. 

Tried this for quite a while

But no one could quite pull the trigger. 

So I thought maybe a shoe compromise. 

Again couldn't quite although earlier somebody ricocheted off my butt when I wasn't throwing peanuts fast enough.  


But nope. 

So very close. 


Eat and run.  

Can you see it?

Love this stage of dandelion 

Harry was spry enough after his big day for a little walk.  

Goodnight. Fingers crossed for new glasses one of these days. This is getting really old. 

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