Thursday, 26 May 2016

Learning to love (tolerate) summer

I think I might change the name of this blog to The Hot Grumpy Itchy Photographer during the summer months   

I don't know why I smiled for that selfie I wasn't happy that it stopped raining just when I went outside and it was hot and humid. 

But... The sun was shining on raindrops and everything was green and vibrant. I just need to adjust my attitude. I'm able to enjoy life and I'm not recovering from surgery. I'll work on appreciating what I have and in the meantime I'm happy for those of you who like summer. 

The irises have arrived. 

As have the lily of the valley 

This lady was not afraid to get wet. 

When someone else comes walking along its not a problem, they just go up a tree for a bit

Then back at it. 

Almost a chipmunk mouthful. 

We have three finch feeders now which is awesome. 

I didn't know chipmunks ate dandelions till today. 

Today's set up.

I had to look at this next picture many times till I realized that the chippy didn't have its mouth open like a pac man, it's an arm. 

The sun was going in and out like crazy. 

Love that it looks like she's giggling. 

This sparrow also enjoyed the same dandelion. 

A grackle taking off. You can just spot the blue head. 

Got home took off all my bug gear and 15 minutes later it poured so I sat on the porch with the mosquitos for a bit. 

Had a great time tonight at Caleb's high school band concert. Those pictures and video tomorrow. 


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