Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Preparing for the cute

My shoulder has decided to freeze again for what will hopefully only be a short time.  Tendinitis is so tedious. I couldn't really push my rollator very far or take many pictures because of it so I thought tonight I'd show you these pictures from last June that I've been saving. I had only posted a few of them last year. 

Not too much longer before Lizzy and Logan come for a visit so we'd better get ourselves used to the cute.

Click here to see the rest:

Meanwhile today Lizzy gave her doll a ride

And Logan practiced his smiles. 

I did take a few pictures on the porch and I had my first hummingbird visit!

Harry loves the warmer weather. 

It's my summer ambition to get a hummingbird in this shot too. Fingers crossed. 

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  1. Last week there was a hummingbird in the tree out here, but I could not focus on him before he took off.