Monday, 9 May 2016

Sunday at Cooper's house

Yesterday I got to go to Cooper's house. He had made a special card for his mum at daycare. 

Dana didn't wash his clothes but she did play with him. 

Ozzy loves his mom too but just might love Cooper's big brother Noah more. 

Cooper's dad Chris cooked us a delicious meal. 

And introduced me to my new favourite. 

We celebrated Henry's birthday early because Cooper's uncle Todd left to work in China for a bit today. 

A nice Mother's Day card and flowers for grandma Marcia. 

Ozzy tidied up. 

While Graycee relaxed. 

Neighborhood watch in action 

Hide and seek

Cooper had asked Dana to hide in a "Vewy Vewy Vewy Vewy Vewy Vewy Vewy sneaky place." I suspect I said the word very until he could think of the word sneaky. 

I think this picture of just Dana spying is hilarious if you wouldn't know she was at an assigned post.  

Lovely day. 

Harry knew it was a good day for a walk today. 

The boy loves sniffing his evergreens. 

One of our photograhy club assignments this time is black and white so you'll be seeing lots of that. 

The sparrows were very peppy today. 

Loving seeing the squirrels in the growing foliage. 

Soon they'll be harder to see. 

Still no Notches

Even though this one could share the name. 

And is quite cute. 


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