Thursday, 5 May 2016

Cooper visits squirrel land & Scottish cuties

Really fun day. Cooper dropped by and that's always the best. 

But first a few hours outside. So very very much enjoying the low bug count so far  this spring. 

Green so new it almost pulsed. 

Someone was waiting for me. 

There's a bluejay somewhere in this picture I promise. 

This guy was a lot of fun. 


Always fun to see this girl and her mum. 

The finch feeders are gone but they're still coming looking for them. 

Cooper finished his cat nap in the car and found me. 

He had another emoticon stuffie for me. 

Olaf liked chasing bubbles. 

Time to head in for pirate play, snack and the Peanuts movie. We are creatures of habit. 

Olaf was pretty silly. 

He just couldn't sit still. 

Later on Harry needed a big walk. 

He parked me under a blossom tree for an eon. 

And didn't mind a bit of rain. 

Meanwhile in Scotland lots of loving is going on.  



And last but certainly not least, here's Emily in costume for her part in the play Annie Jr that she'll be acting in at the end of May. She plays Lily, going against character by being a bit of a baddie. She's gonna be awesome!

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