Monday, 23 May 2016

May 24 fun

Today was a nice low key family fun day. We play poker on most long weekends and there's usually a potluck supper first. 

Cooper was at my place for a bit then we went over to Grandpa Henry's. 

Gramma played some baseball with Cooper which involves a little batting...

But most importantly a trophy presentation. 

Then a bit more batting. 

With or without hands. 

Cooper had some fishing lure worms. 

And coached uncle Jim not to eat them. 

He is a very dedicated flower caretaker.  

Mary Lynn's Rose Mallow seedlings coming to life. 

And one of the tomato plants that was in the space program experiment is growing much faster than the other. We don't know which one had a ride in a space ship though. 

Jim tried on Karen's glasses

Not bad!

Annette's awesome new shoes. 


The birthday boy was the winner!


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