Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Chippies V Squirrels

Well I was not going to bother going for a walk today because it was hot. Especially since Wednesday is swimming night anyway. But I went out hoping it would rain. It didn't but the gazebo area was rocking and rolling with birds and animals that like summer weather better than I do. 

I just keep telling myself we can't have local strawberries without this weather. 

I had no takers for an elevated tea party 

But lots of fans on the ground. 

This guy's cheeks reached the point where they were wider than his bum. 

Helicopter went overhead 

Assumed alarm position on the ground then kept eating. 

Helicopter long gone realized it was simply a comfy way to be. 

There is a very uneasy peace between chippies and squirrels. They seem to co-exist as long as there's lots of food. 

Another lounge-while-you-eater

My goal is to get some clear shots of this run. It's hilarious. 

Tea party on an acceptable level. Want to try a grass one tomorrow. 

I'm sorry but this cheek stuffing just doesn't get old to me. 

Not even a muttering get-away growl

Just stamped his feet a little. 

A new approach. 

What'd I just say!!

Patience is rewarded. 


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