Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Space tomatoes & black and white

Today was day one of trying black and white on the camera instead of when I'm editing. I still needed to take the pictures in colour as well just in case. But I was surprised when I looked at them on the computer to find that as I shoot in RAW as well as JPEG the camera saves the JPEG in b&w and the RAW file in colour so I don't have to take every picture twice. 

We have five trilliums this year. 

Lots of alarming into trees today. 

Doesn't mean you can't eat. 

Lots of fancy tail waving. 

And planking. 

A fellow from across the way has been working hard from his wheelchair weeding and mulching the flower bed. 

I was given these two tomato plants one of which was germinated in outer space! It's part of a project with schools to see if they grow. The project part is done as all the seedlings grew. I have no idea which is which and I think I'll ask Henry to take them so they have a chance at life. 

I think my dad would have loved this. 

Harry took a real nice long walk to the back of the building and I was able to let him sit as long as he wanted because there were very few bugs. 

Plus I have extra battery power now to charge my iPod so I can listen to my books as long as it takes to watch this backyard. 


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