Sunday, 29 May 2016

Emily in Annie Jr

Yesterday was a whirlwind of Annie Jr activity. It's called Jr because it's an abridged version of the musical.  

Here is an abridged abridged video version of the play. Emily shows up around the 4 minute mark. She's Lily, part of a couple trying to adopt Annie on false pretences. 

There's lots of Miss Hannigan in my video too, played so well by Abby Guse the niece of a great friend of mine. 

I took mostly video during the first show so here we are after it already. 

It was so nice to have our friend Emma with us. 

And no Emily and I are not sitting down in this next picture, Caleb's just this tall. 

Time to go to Elmira between shows

And grab some supper. Karen's showing off her curling iron war wound here. 

I took quite a bit more stills during the second show and you can see them all here:

The girl who played Annie was fantastic. Quite a voice. And Sandy was adorable, echoing her tomorrows. 

Really everyone was great and you could see clearly how hard they'd worked. 

I was glad that I videod Emily's parts again in the second show because you can literally see her confidence growing before your eyes. Really neat to watch. 

A big posse of love after the show. 

Andrew had a tough week but showed up in his Lone Ranger gear :-)

It was really exciting to watch Emily take on her first acting role and I hope it won't be her last. 

Lots of beauty in the sky on the way home. 

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