Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Rainbows and squirrel selfies

I wasn't going to bother going for a walk today. It was cloudy and dull outside and I needed to do laundry but in the end the call of the squirrels won out and it ended up being so much fun. 

I know I'm oversharing these blossoms but I love them. 

Our one and only tulip in squirrel world. 

Loving that nature is providing colour and background and it's just going to get better. 

First bunny of the season!

Ok I still provided a bit of colour :-)

This helicopter was low enough

To cause a bit of alarm. 

Peanuts are very calming. 

I had another close encounter today. 

I can't move at all or it takes 10 minutes to start over so the camera has to be ready.  

It had started to rain a little so I thought there might be some raindrops on blossoms but nope. 

Harry was out three times enjoying his catnip today and is currently demanding a night cap but that's not happening. 

Just as I was finishing my laundry we finally had an awesome spring shower! 

And another double rainbow!

I wonder what it looked like from this plane?

My blossoms got soaked!

Nice to know how to have only the one in focus

Or all three. 

I watched this guy for a long time. 

So yeah. I'm really glad I went outside today. 

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