Monday, 30 May 2016

Breakfast of champions

Today was a much nicer day than we've had lately. 

A week of ugly humid weather has made a day with slightly lower temps, a little less humidity and a nice breeze seem wonderful.  

A week ago I would have, and probably did, say this was too hot. 

Yesterday I posted this on Facebook

And wrote this:

"Talk about an impulse buy. I bought the cereal on the left because of the bat flip instead of the better behaved batting stance on the right and didn't realize till I got home that I don't even like graham crackers. Also it cost a dollar more. Still not sorry."

So today I thought I might as well have fun with the box. I'll give the cereal away to people who like it. 

Chippy was way braver with regards to not being afraid of the box than the squirrels were. 

The breeze kept knocking the box over. 

But Chippy always came back. 

The squirrels talked me into throwing them peanuts instead. 

This is as close as they got. 

But they still had to chase away the Chippy. 

Don't often catch a crow's open eye. 

Ice storms are a distant memory 

But still apparent. 

Grackle and Chippy had a showdown

Chippy wins. 

Grackle is not best pleased. 

I liked this white bush with the gazebo in the background. 

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  1. I find the chipmunks more daring here too than the squirrels.