Sunday, 8 May 2016

Twin City Harmony

Last night I had the chance to take pictures at the Twin City Harmonizer's annual spring concert. I often take pictures for Grand Harmony Chorus, a Sweet Adelines women's group that my sister is a part, of but this was my first men's barbershop event and it was just as much fun!

Seventy years is a long time for an ongoing group and well worth celebrating!

I was thrilled that my next door neighbor ended up being Marshall a beautiful dog training to be an autism therapy dog. 

The Harmonizer's theme was the Beatles and so they all donned mop top wigs for the first set!

As they took the stage the crowd was buzzing and there were many delighted cries of "Look at Grandpa! Look at Grandpa!"

Our MC for the evening was the lovely Susan Cook-Scheerer, host of Rogers tv Daytime. She was great and said that instead of holding up a lighter at a concert the new thing is to...

take a selfie. 

Marshall was greatly relaxed by the music and jumped up with everyone else when there was a standing ovation. 

After the Beatles set we enjoyed hearing from Instant A Cappella, a group of young people that had just learned their songs that afternoon at an A Cappella workshop!

They were awesome and learned well from their instructors, the dynamic guest quartet, Shoptimus Prime who wowed us with their sound, energy and heart. 

The Harmonizers came back sans mop tops and were heartily congratulated on their 70 years of excellence. 

And quite touchingly thanked for their charity work with the Ontario Harmonize for Speech Fund.

During intermission I moved upstairs. The guys put on their black and white formal wear. 

And I had my first chance to take pictures from a balcony. It was awesome to have that view. 

While the men reassembled the draws took place. 

This gentleman won the 50 50 draw and generously, without hesitation, donated it back. 

He was roundly thanked. 

Then it was time for a seventy years of harmony reunion as former members joined in the celebration. One former member travelled all the way from Florida to sing. 

Many long time members were celebrated. 

Lots of smiles and greetings. 

But soon down to the happy/serious business of singing. 

A former director put the men through their paces expertly. 

And we had another fun set from Shoptimus Prime. 

This happened, though I promise they weren't singing YMCA. 

Another standing ovation. 

A few more songs from the Twin City Harmonizers. 

And then the Harmonizers and the reunion chorus parted gracefully...

and welcomed youth into their midst for a final round of song. 

I'm sure Marshall the therapy dog stood yet again to join in the ovation with the sell out crowd. 

A great night for harmony!

While my heart will always be with my friends at Grand Harmony Women's Chorus ( from what I can tell having seen these two groups, it doesn't seem to matter who you sing with, as long as you sing! 

I'm thinking of starting a group for those of us who are slightly tone deaf and can't remember tags. I figure as long as we sing to people like ourselves we'll do alright. 

enjoyed taking these pictures very much and took many more. You can see them all here:

Feel free to download and use any you wish. 

And finally here's the reunion chorus singing Amazing Grace:

Thanks for the experience,

Ruth Martin

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