Thursday, 19 May 2016

A good day for bubbles

Today my friend Alice, who is a part of the photography club too, and I did a bubble photo shoot for our next assignment. Sorry that so many of these are similar but I like a lot of them. 

I like the one blade of grass in focus. 

Still had important business to attend to. 

Alice got right into it!

The newest bubble mower

Got one bursting:

This fell out of my pocket providing a free for all buffet later on. 

Closer to home Harry was being lectured by a chippie you can see through the rollator brake. 

Harry enjoys a sidewalk very much and one of these days is going to roll right off. 

A chippie in every drain pipe these days. 

These irises are very short this year. 

Hanging out at the smoking bench watching squirrel tv. 


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