Wednesday, 11 May 2016

The waiting is the hardest part or possibly fart

Today I got the following email from my family doctor with just the header:  Biopsy neg. Yah!!!

It's been a long three weeks waiting to hear and I've spent it with my flowers and my squirrels. Most of those pictures you saw except for some like this. 

I enjoy that due to growing grass it kind of reads - the waiting is the hardest fart.

I have the hardest time knowing who to tell when I'm waiting for these things. I'm not going to post to fb or this blog until I know for sure because I have some young hearts that read and care about me so very much and don't need to worry before its a fact. 

If I didn't tell you and you would have liked to know let me know and I will next time. 

This one was extra scary because I went to my three month appointment pretty carefree and it was the surgeon who suggested the biopsy. Other times I've gone to my dermatologist with a concern and she's done the biopsy which only takes a week. It's three weeks at the cancer hospital. But anyway it's all good.

I tend to not go all religious at times like this because I don't blame God when it's bad news so...  But I am grateful for a certain peace and steadiness my faith brings.  

Udon soup and tempura veggies... 

And Menchies after working hard at swimming to celebrate. 

Mango bubbles!

Fun to train this chippy to come for peanuts. 

It was tricky because this squirrel is already conditioned to come when I say "chip chip" so he'd come barreling in for the peanut even if his mouth was already full. 

But eventually this little guy, and I think we can all agree it's a guy, caught on. 

I had no idea cardinals spend so much time on the ground. 

The new red mulch makes for a dramatic background. 


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