Friday, 27 May 2016

Caleb's Concert

Yesterday I got to see Caleb play clarinet in his high school's junior band. I'm not sure what happened because the day before yesterday he looked like this. 

And apparently he grew overnight into this young man. 

And his friends that I've enjoyed so much over the years have somehow evolved from this

(Emily was having none of it)

To this

This was the EDSS junior band and they were fantastic. Some of them had only started learning their instruments this semester and Caleb only knew he had a solo about a week a head of this. Very proud!  You can see them play a few songs here:

And you can see them play in the mud here:

Seriously how can time fly like this?

Okay I'll stop. You're probably not supposed to embarrass an almost 16 year old but you kind of have to every once in a while just to keep them honest and so that they know they are loved no matter how big they get. 

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