Tuesday, 7 October 2014

An open letter to people who design hospital waiting areas

Dear hospital designers:

Firstly, my apologies, I'm sure you have a much grander title with a mandate or mission statement that took months or years to craft, but I'm just writing to say that I hope you never have bad knees and have to sit on something like this:

Or rather try to get UP from something like this.

I know what you are thinking. Those colours are so ten years ago, but I have been to a lot of hospitals lately and low rider benches (don't get me started on the toilets) are a disturbing trend.

I'd like to think you perhaps had the welfare of small children in mind when you placed the benches this close to China but please bear in mind that small children nowadays have space-age designed ergonomically correct strollers and/or only care to be under benches gleaning germs and used gum anyway.

In future I hope you will consider raising your sights and my sincerest appreciation to the kind soul that placed this utterly beautiful item where I most needed it today:


Ruth Martin

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