Sunday, 5 October 2014

Canada's next top rodent

Didn't get to editing the pictures of Cooper today. Got too excited checking out the specs of Henry's new camera that he will be taking with him here next year:

I bet if we ask him nice he will let me post pictures. He's going to Cinque Terre Italy. Five remote villages along the coast.

In the meantime you get squirrels :-)

I swear there was some modeling going on.

Smizing, am I right:

Ok maybe glaring.

You can't always be in focus when the model moves outside the box to get a tastier crab apple.

Pretty good camouflage:

Talk to the hand. Looks like we're done here.

This squirrel was glad to get to makeovers.

Because he got a really cool Mohawk.

It was getting pretty dark but too cool for bugs!

Earlier in the day I tried out my new fish eye app on Harry.

It's not the most flattering on the tummy region.


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