Wednesday, 22 October 2014

The new version of this is not an easy way to go to sleep

I've decided to use QuickType autocomplete to generate titles as that is the hardest part of blogging for me especially late at night. So be prepared for even more non sequiturs than ever.

QuickType is Apples effort to complete our every thought and ensure we never learn to spell anything ever again. It is totally awesome or probably what is wrong with society as a whole depending on how much your parent's genes allowed you to assimilate grammar and spelling. I'm good with it. Much as I hate the whole you're your thing I'm aware that I have no idea how to use commas or apostrophes so I try not to be judgey. And yes it told me that judgey is not a word. But then neither is autocomplete.

Tonight we travel to Scotland to the enchanted forest with my niece Heather. More info about it here.

Lizzy looks like she is enjoying herself.

Gary, Heather, Lizzy and Gary's niece Shay:

Awesome! Wish I could've hopped across the pond to join you!

Now back to our usual twigs and leaves. Today we had sun!

That's the car windshield filter :-)

Emily and Harry did a selfie before we went swimming.

Proud to say I jumped into the deep end tonight. That's my nemesis. Not afraid to swim in the deep end in the slightest but jumping in even from flat on the floor has baffled me.

Might've chickened out but had a lot of "Go Aunt Ruth" cheering to keep me honest.

It went well except for the whole aspirating water up my nose and coughing till I nearly threw up thing. Next time I plug my nose!

Was proud of Emily. When she saw what I was up to she immediately dashed over for my camera which I'd unfortunately forgotten. I've trained her well!


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