Friday, 10 October 2014

Deep tissue issue

Harry's old foil tissue paper was in tatters so it was time for a fresh infusion.

Very exciting!

He is of course yawning but he was very excited. Could hardly be budged to go for a walk.

He gets under there himself and feels very sporty.

We chose burnt orange today in honour of thanksgiving.

Even with 3 new sheets he still fished through the garbage for the tatters of the old stuff, kinda like a guy who rescues his favorite old tshirt on its way out the door to the Goodwill store.

So yeah he made his walk pretty short.

I let him back in the house and went on by myself.

How blurred do you want your background?

The nice thing about the leaves leaving is that you can see the birds a bit better.

If you can get close enough.

These birds are interesting. They're only bright yellow in the summer. Once they've attracted their mate the male goes back to a olive colour - back into his Goodwill tshirts and sweat pants.

No one knows how to throw down a filter like the sun:

Had a great lunch with a great friend today. No pictures except of our shared pumpkin cheesecake!

Afterwards she help me get groceries which turned into an Olympic event because the power went out near the end of my big order and we had to try to find cash to pay with. Easier said than done since the bank's computers were down as well. They had to unpack my whole order and rescan it.

Good thing we had had the cheesecake to fortify ourselves!


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