Friday, 24 October 2014

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It was a great day for a cat walk.

I couldn't believe it but Harry set off on a run today. After weeks of not being interested in walking at all today was somehow right for a real cracking jaunt!

Windshield filter again:

We spent a lot of time in this bush:

And in this comfy flower bed.

We don't dig in flower beds. In fact I've caught myself asking him if he has to go potty before we leave the house :-)

We did hang out on the porch that I try to hurry him past.

Harry was obviously not in a rush.

And then magic! This summer's redoing of the flower beds has cleared the underbrush and tree saplings away and Harry had access to the rock garden.

We hung out in the smoking section of the building across the way on our journey which was great because I was able to assure a lady who had been concerned that I not take her picture that I really wouldn't do that and we had a nice chat.

No further pictures because Harry decided it was time to head home as the crow flies and if you know our parking lot you'll know that that means hopping over some pretty major curbs.

Good walk bud!


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