Friday, 17 October 2014


Harry and I were really happy to have a guest this evening.

Emily played cards with Bea and me, made me a Christmas card holder out of a magazine, refreshed my toenail polish and sorted through all my stencils for me!

And of course played tissue paper with Harry. We love having you here!

Wanted to tell you all too that although ML is experiencing some fairly major graft vs host symptoms right now her overall numbers are fantastic. Before the transplant the leukemia had taken over 97 percent of her blood, the doctor did not know how she was functioning, but now her blood is 90 percent good. And today she found out that Jim's blood has taken over 87 percent of her blood. Won't be long before she is totally sporting his DNA! Woohoo!

There was no sun today but the squirrels started right on my porch.



Speaking of dark and scary:

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