Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Cooper - snake charmer

When last we left our Belgian nursery photo shoot we had heard the squawking of the real bird and went in search of it. We got a little distracted along the way by some other animals.

What does the fox say Cooper?

There's Marley!

Next up we discover the whirly gigs and nothing could have been better. Those pictures to follow.

Thanks to Dana and Chris for letting me thoroughly enjoy taking pictures of Cooper to my hearts content. Like I said I've no desire to become a family portrait artist but I love capturing moments and a busy deeply curious almost two year old provides a lot of moments.

I had a really lovely afternoon with friends and Harry was anxious to get out when I got home. Once again he had zero interest in stepping off the porch.

And once again there was zero sun but there were some awesome puddles.

I found it really interesting that the manual focus was so different for the leaves on top of the water and the leaves reflected in the water even though they were inches apart.

This squirrel was barking up the wrong flowerbed...

If he thought he was going to dig up some bulbs from my friend Alice's perpetually cheerful flowers :-)


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