Sunday, 12 October 2014

Family tree

It was another stellar family get-together. You won't be shocked if I lead with dessert :-)

We have developed some fine bakers!

Their parents are no slouches either. Anne made a mighty fine Mississippi mud and Jim dazzled us with chocolate mousse.

Anne brings along the little touches that Mom would have had for us.

She even shared the mustard beans that ML sent her.

And Karen's cheese ball was a definite Pinterest win!

All the other food was awesome too and so was the company.

I really liked what Dana's Coke can said:

And Jim's said Family.

Brother and sister, Dana and Todd:

Anne and her daughter Deborah:

Emily and her dad Mike:

Cooper arrived with fist bumps for us. He didn't leave Melissa hanging.

ML sent Cooper's ring bearer pillow from the wedding. He seemed happy to see it.

He and Grandpa looked at wedding pictures.

And reminisced about their bow ties.

We enjoyed having cousin Gordon join us.

He brings a lot of energy and fun wherever he goes!

It was such a beautiful day that we headed out for a ramble.

Those pictures to come except I know ML will want to see this.

Who could this be way up a tree?

It's Gordon and...

Yep, soon to be 60 year old Jim!

This proves that Jim's stem cells were an influence on ML as early as 2 days after the transplant in April.

And a week or so later.

Either that or her joy of life and courage has inspired him! I think we lose sight of the strength it took on her part to get through these past years.





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