Monday, 27 October 2014

Lizzy at 9 months

It occurs to me that today we should just have a little Lizzy therapy tonight. ML is out of ICU and improving gradually so let's just look at the sheer cute of Anne's granddaughter Lizzy at nine months.

Onesie by Emily:

Because reading should always be a whole body experience with one shoe off:

You're welcome. Her Halloween pictures on Friday.

Karen and I had a wonderful lunch at Diwa Indian food in Guelph today. It was fantastic - highly recommend it for the lunch buffet because you can try everything.

It was getting later before I got out today.

I find it very relaxing to try to catch falling leaves.

I wasn't really successful but it was nice.

Harry would've gone for a long walk today if I'd given him time.

Check out his bird hunting skillz here.


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