Friday, 31 October 2014

Halloween fun

Are you ready for adorable?

I'm excited to bring you some of the friends of the blog in their dressed up finery!

In no particular order, first we have little Lorelei the garden gnome!

Little Gray had a costume change!

Lizzy the pumpkin!

Cooper the lion!

He's not old enough yet to know that popcorn is a ripoff treat!

But then he cheerfully eats dried seaweed when he's in the mood so he probably thought it was great.

Ava and Olivia!

And their dad Josh too!

That was last week, you can tell by the sunshine, this is tonight:

Cousin sleepover!

Emily getting into Doc Brown from Back to the Future mode!

Go Annette!

Lovely couple!

Even Harry got into the action!

Looks like he's wearing eyeliner eh?

Not sure what our friend Emma dressed up as tonight but she has a timely greeting for us:

Thanks everyone if you have any late entries, adults and kids alike, I'll post them tomorrow. We'll do it again next year for sure!

Wasn't gonna go out today but then it rained so I had to.

Do you see the shocked leaf?

Someone's ready for a long winter.

Haven't heard a lot from ML but sounds like her hemoglobin is not staying up yet.


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