Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Eclectic title here

Today we'll be traveling vicariously with my niece Deborah. Can't believe I saw her on Sunday and the next day she was in San Francisco! It's a business trip but Deborah is no slouch at fitting in lots of fun. Especially since my other niece Cynthia and her fiancé Roberto live there and are showing her a great time.

They got nosebleed seats for the ball game today!

What a view!

And brought the luck because the Giants won!

I won today too as far as fun goes by having lunch at Jack Astors with these awesome ladies. My friend Judy and her daughter Nicole.

They really studied their menus.

Ha ha they don't need glasses (much) they were trying to make out one of those holographic puzzles thingies. I have never been able to see those things so I had my fun by taking their picture.

I didn't need glasses either to see my mountain of Poutine!

So much fun!

I had a great walk in the warm light rain this afternoon.

Guess who posed for me today! Do you see it?

Yep had 10 minutes with a butterfly! Too tired to edit the billions of pictures tonight.

In the interest of keeping it real I have to say that I have a monster ulcer right now. I try to see the positive side that they are not cancer but that would be easier if they didn't hurt so much, think giant cankers, and just kind of migrate and constantly, as in all the time, exist.

Sitting in certain chairs is becoming an act of courage so I guess it's time to pull out the patented V shaped pillow Henry designed for me and talk to my doctor about pain relief.

Ah well, let's laugh.

I don't always play with my tissue paper...

But when I do I'm crazy.


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