Thursday, 30 October 2014

Peggy's Cove part 2

It was really great to have a bit of FaceTime with Mary Lynn today. We had to keep it brief because Brent and his smartphone were heading out the door to catch a shuttle to the airport.

Mary Lynn is looking pretty well and walking around in the hall. If only the antibodies would stop attacking her red blood cells so she would stop needing blood.

I am hoping and expecting to hear good news soon. It might have to come via that old fashion route called the land line though. We were really spoiled with rich updates with her sons there. I'll just have to FaceTime with God till I hear again.

Brent chatted with me as he left the hospital and all the way down to the Halifax harbor. That was cool!

Here's the second part of my pictures from Peggy's Cove in April.

ML and Elaine got out of the wind and had a good around some shops.

It's still a working fishing villiage - well that isn't allowed to modernize their buildings too much.

Later after we had been around the corner to the point where the famous light house and view are (pictures another day) we stopped at the William E. deGarthe Memorial Provincial Park. It's an interesting story. That's his house in the pictures above and he carved this tribute to fishermen and their wives across from it. The best information I could find about it was from another blogger. I'm not able to link to it so here it is:

Mary Lynn got out to take these pictures:

You can only really see it on the way out of town. I would have totally missed it. He wasn't able to finish it but I think it's amazing.

Waving to ML from the car:

Still pretty grey out there today.

Parches of blue!


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