Monday, 13 October 2014

Thanksgiving ramble part two

Well it has taken me pretty much all day but I have upgraded to Apple iOS eight. I realize that means nothing to some of you but so far the voice recognition seems to be a little better. I'm sure Siri will still come up with some hilarity.

So we set out on a rambling walk yesterday.

Trying to climb the first tree with a little dead branch didn't work out but no bones were broken.

Walking a toddler is a lot like walking a cat. You go with the flow.

Listen, don't ever hire me to take your family pictures. We'd have fun but I can't guarantee any results.

Cooper's dad Chris and mom Dana were great sports.

It's not every photographer who will arrange for teenagers to be running around in the background. You have to pay extra for that.

And then we almost get a shot except for a smile and we have Gordon photo bombing in the background.

Sure sure we could crop, but where's the fun in that?

Moving right along to the family of eye closers:

Got a real smile!

Ha! There's Gordon again:

Cooper was taking in Emily's gymnastics closely.

We didn't realize how closely he was watching Emily until this happened:

We shouldn't of laughed but it was so cute.

And then we got to the tree climbing portion of the ramble where we will take up tomorrow.

Today I was sorry that I missed the rain on the leaves. I did catch some roses.

I didn't sign up for this gnat weather in October but apparently Harrison did.

Wouldn't walk at all last week but this weather is his sweet zone. Thinking of getting him a jacket. Is there a jacket harness?

He could sit in the warm gnat infested air forever.



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