Wednesday, 29 October 2014


Mary Lynn has been diagnosed with hemolysis. In her case probably an auto immune problem wherein, as I understand it, basically part of her blood is not playing well with others and feels it needs to attack some other parts of her blood. Her red blood cells are not being given the time to mature and so she's needing blood almost all the time. I've lost count of the number of transfusions.

They don't know who's blood is getting all cranky with whose (who's whom's?) and the treatment is the same anyway.

Doctors say one day at a time and it might take a bit before measures they've taken work. In the meantime she's where she needs to be (got there in the nick of time) and is being cared for, and is responding, in a loving manner.

The silver lining is that the blood tests are coming back showing no cancer. So if we can get past this hump we are ready to rock and roll!

She's up walking in the hall and looks a lot better than she did on Sunday.

Speaking of loving, Luke and Brent have been tremendous and we will miss their communications (and awesome selfies) very much as they head home.

Tonight at swimming I was imagining ML having fun with us next time she visits. I think we need to be aware of how serious this is but remember to hope aggressively and look forward to the best.

Tonight was rib night and then we headed to bulk barn pre swim.

Some of my hard work paid off at the pool tonight when I was able to do more actual playing rather than just exercising. I still can't be the piggy in the middle because I can't jump for balls and my arm is telling me now that I shouldn't really throw either but it sure was fun!

Another grey day for squirrel hunting today but there's always light somewhere.

My friends Elizabeth, Jordan and little Kiwi:

Was proud of Harry as he touched noses with Kiwi politely. Since he outweighs Kiwi at a ratio of at least 3:1 I don't think it took a lot of courage but it was very neighbourly.

Today was national cat day, confusing because isn't that every day according to the interweb?


Here's your bonus cat to celebrate:

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