Saturday, 18 October 2014

Thanksgiving wrap up

When last we left thanksgiving Gordon and Jim were up in the air.

Gordon couldn't let an older guy have gotten up higher so he went back up.

And down.

On the way back Coop found a pint sized sign to read.

He's really into letters and is repeating a lot of words when he's in the mood. Tonight he said my name again and it was definitely more than just an E. More like Ooie. I like that too. Caleb and Emily move from R and Ooar! to Aunt Roof. Karen called me Usha. My all time favorite is Heather's name for me when she was a toddler: Aunt Goof. It was totally straight, no silliness intended. Well at first :-)

We moved on toward the playground in front of the nursing home.

We played a rousing game of paparazzi. Wherein the kids try to run past me so fast that I can't snap a picture.

Just seeing if you're awake.

Yeah we've been playing here for a while :-)

Maybe we can take their graduation pictures here someday.

Gordon embraced the game with gusto.

It used to be quite a feat to get up there.

Gordon was still climbing.

Time for high fives and fist bumps.

Meanwhile back at the party room.

Poker time.

Emily is a fast learner!

And can I just say gorgeous.

Coop having fun with his dad

Pretty tuckered out:

Jim was still sharp what with tree climbing and this game he won Thanksgiving!

A few other throwback pictures I couldn't resist:

One of my top 5 pictures ever:

No pictures from today so you get a day off from leaves and squirrels. Got to go to the waterloo rec pool with Cooper tonight. They don't allow cameras but I don't think I'll forget Cooper's sheer joy at sliding into the pool.

Look what Heather and Gary saw in a Scottish field!

I'm sure it's vegetable based paint or won't be used so don't fret.


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