Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Welcome Rain

Mary Lynn had a downturn in her blood numbers this morning so she's had a variety of blood products today. The doctors say one day at a time.

She's maintaining her sunny disposition and enjoying her time with her sons.

We sure appreciate that they keep us up to date. And they've been keeping ML great company.

Jennifer and little Rebekah needed to head home yesterday and I know ML is looking forward to being home again to play with her sweet grand baby:

Dana wrote this tonight:

Every night I pray out loud while rocking Cooper and he doesn't make a peep but tonight he babbled along with every with syllable and followed each intonation while I prayed for Mary Lynn :) pretty amazing!

I was a little disappointed when I set out on my walk today that it was cloudy but not raining.

So I chased leaves and squirrels.

I've never really been out before when it started to rain in the middle of my walk. Very cool.

The wind picked up big time.

And even the squirrels were smart enough to take cover.

This one stopped to take a look at the human enjoying herself in the wind and rain.

I headed home to get a fresh camera battery and to his credit Harry stepped out for a minute or two.

But it was too much.



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