Thursday, 2 October 2014


Max is feeling sporty these days so some of these pictures are blurry. I like them anyway.

I never really noticed his white tippy tail before.

Hey lady, my eyes are up here!

Max even gave me a ride home.

Today I had an appointment with my radiation doctor at grand river. Except for the ulcers everything is good and she agrees with the Hamilton doctor that I only have to see one of them every six months. Woohoo. I'll have a ct scan again in March to double check.

Since that appointment was at 9 am I went home and had a nap before I headed out.

Supposed to have high winds tomorrow so not sure how many leaves will be left.

Thought this was a little green leaf till I saw it on the computer.

Would've tried a little harder to get it in focus if I had known.

Speaking of out of focus, I've been trying to catch leaves on their way down.

Might be easier tomorrow in the wind but it's supposed to rain pretty hard too.


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