Monday, 6 October 2014

Further adventures in pumpkins

We started out Saturday by hanging out in Dana's cute fall front garden for a bit while Cooper tried to wake up from his nap.

Coop was not very awake or amused by my pirate mask.

Lots of time to warm up later.

When we got there we were amazed by some chairs on the roof.

Spotting the pumpkins.

He wasn't really afraid of them, just uninterested.

Can you spot who went the extra mile to make a fun pumpkin fort?

And look, a few pumpkin shots!

Cooper might enjoy this video of animals meeting pumpkins for the first time.

I could never be a professional toddler photographer that needs to get a certain shot. I'm way more fascinated by what happens when you follow one around.

Feeding the wooden duck.

Cooper assumed Henry would have some duck food so Henry tore off a little piece of Kleenex which the duck surprisingly wasn't interested in.

Pretty ladies. Cooper's Grandma Marcia with Dana.

Our journey led us into the plastic flower arena.

If you can't have fun with permanent funeral flowers what can you have fun with?

Then we heard raucous screeching from another area and set off to investigate and that's where we'll pick up another day.

Nice warm day of sun today.

More fun with the fisheye app:

Sending out some healing vibes to my little furry nephew Whiskers who had four teeth pulled today and is currently looped on pain meds. This means his family is enjoying some extended cuddle time which I take for granted here.


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