Sunday, 25 October 2015

A fairy tale weekend

If you follow me on Facebook you'll know that this was the weekend Karen's Grand Harmony Chorus put on the show of their life. That's her leading her little sheep astray. 

Karen's friends got these next two great pictures. 

Not positive but this next lady might be the one who made Karen's costume. All the costumes were amazing!

A backstage peak someone took of my friends Johanna and Andrew. Grumpy Jo and narrator Father Goose. 

My cat Harry would kill for that feather. We are down to half a mangled peacock feather to play with. 

And here's Abba dancer Johanna! Same person I promise!

But I didn't mean to draw you here for coverage of that event, I'm still going through the better than 600 pictures and who knows how many videos I took and I'll have an overview of everything for you hopefully soon. But I just want to say it was awesome from start to finish and everyone should be very proud. 

It was a real juggling act of cameras!

None of them good. 

You gotta count the iPod I was using to take that picture too :-)  I especially missed the video capability of my rebel but the iPod did its best. 

When Melissa lent me the loaner Nikon she said its old and crabby and sometimes just stops taking pictures for a while and thankfully it didn't pull that trick till today when it didn't matter! For a while it would only take pictures when I pointed it down at the sidewalk. Reminds me a lot of walking a cat. The cat decides where you're allowed to go and what you see. Today we mostly sat right here 20 feet from our porch. 

Then we went home. 

But I went out earlier with my old old rebel that I borrowed back from my niece and because it's a canon I could use my beloved long lens. There's not enough megapixels on the body to tie your shoe but the sun was out and as long as things held still it was like coming home. 

Well I'm glad things weren't holding still for this spun glass leaves one. 

And along came Miss Tilly!

All stylin in her new winter coat!


No wonder I can't sew!

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