Monday, 19 October 2015

Bon voyage big camera

Today Henry and I took my ailing camera in Henry's camera to get fixed. The guy said one of the curtains has fallen down inside and will send it away to be repaired. Probably gone four weeks! The main thing is that it's still covered by warranty. 

I can't let it dampen my enthusiasm for being outside and I won't. You'll probably see more trick stuff like this. 

But the main thing is to keep moving and my birds and chippies are busy fattening up for winter so I can't just drop them because I can't get close ups of them. 

Happy to see a blue jay again today. Let's pretend this picture's art effect was intentional. 

And that you can see the robin in this tree. 

You can see the moon if you look carefully. 

And I just love these little paw prints in the sidewalk. 

Woohoo we got off the porch!

Not for long. 

Should really start making my bed if I'm going to start photo blogging Harry's winter lazies. 


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