Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Gray day okay

Had to lead with this picture of Emily she took with her friend Jade's iPod. It'll be the best picture you see today. 

Today we had a showing of our photography club photos at an art show over at sunnyside. 

I'll talk more about that another time but it was fun. 

Melissa, the leader of the photo club, is going to kindly loan me her DSLR for a few weeks, hopefully I'll have it for Karen's play on Saturday. 

It was a pretty gray day and I really missed my big camera to get the rain drops but I had fun comparing Henry's old camera to my water camera and iPod. Sorry Henry your camera came in third. Not its fault, it just doesn't have the megapixels. 

Harry was very brave walking on wet grass today. Right now he cares more about it being warm than drizzle. 

These are not black and white pictures. 


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