Friday, 23 October 2015

Learning to speak Nikon

Well that was a fun baseball season. Going to find a battery radio before next summer to listen on walks. 

Today's pictures were taken with the Nikon D40 loaned to me by Melissa who leads our camera club. It's about 7 years older than mine so a lot lower megapixels. We'll see how it goes tomorrow at Karen's music show. Very interesting to learn some Nikon ways. 

Starting to realize what I miss most is my long lens and you can't put a canon lens on a Nikon body. Going to borrow back my first Canon which is about the same age, maybe a little older, as this Nikon and put them head to head. Fun!

I'm missing getting good shots of robins in red trees. There are a lot around right now. Next year. 

We were headed on a good walk today until some Yahoo started up a leaf blower. 

So we lunged for home. 


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