Saturday, 10 October 2015

Today's kilometres

No need to manufacture sunlight today!

I had so much fun with the roses today using the colours above. The iPod was needed to get the big picture because I don't have a wide angle lens with me on my walks. 

But then the big camera took over using the colours as background. 

While I try not to fall over backwards looking straight up. 

I liked this squirrel's sporty touch of white on the tail. 

I got so close that eventually the chippie's mum came and yelled for them to go home. Leastwise there was a scuffle and everyone left. 

This is a second finch feeder that I don't usual frequent because it's always in the shade and the dog in the backyard disapproves heartily of anyone passing. 

Much less stopping! However today he was apparently off on a Saturday drive so I could sit. 

Can't avoid the fence so might as well use it. 

I love ruffled feathers. 

Waddya want? It's moulting time:

It was really only a matter of time before this happened:

Bugs gearing up for next year:

One survivor of a pansy on my porch. 

Well that was pretty epic. Might have to head off campus tomorrow for a change. 


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