Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Fun with Lizzy at Sushi

When they were here in July Heather, Lizzy, Anne and I went out for sushi after my check up in Hamilton. 

Don't worry squeamish friends, lots for a baby to eat at Sushi besides a bit of raw fish.  

Fascinated by beer kitty. 

Gotta give a baby a lemon every once in a while. 


Sorry. Had to be done. Better stuff ahead. 

Ahh, that's better, breaded shrimp. 

Not so much. 

Well, maybe. 

Finally we get to the ice cream round. But she's a quick learner and tastes cautiously. 

Approved! Let us begin. 

She polished off all of our bowls. 

You can see her in video action with the ice cream chopsticks here:

There were lots of other great pictures from that day. You can revisit them here:

And here:

Just a little reminder:


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