Thursday, 1 October 2015

Mary Lynn pictures

I was looking for a specific picture of Mary Lynn today and that always means I get lost and even off topic. Some of these pictures are ones I run across a lot but a few were ones I hadn't seen in a while. 

Mary Lynn and me. 

We were out on PEI in 2006 for Luke and Jennifer's wedding. 

I have zero idea why she was dressed like a rabbit but I know mom made the costume. 

Mom and Dana sharing a laugh. 

One of my last minute costumes. I had the idea of making a goose for my mother goose costume out of a pointy piece of wood and Mom made it happen. 

Sean was styling too!

Mary Lynn loved playing hockey. Here she is with Marcia and Al the rink boss. 

Some game hilarity at Karen's house. 

This was ML's favourite cake recipe. 

Her yummy bread

Mary Lynn's sons have had a marker placed on Mom and Dad's grave here in Waterloo. 

Probably we'll be thinking about her even more as we move closer to November. 

Another gorgeous cool day. I'm so glad fall seems to have finally arrived. 

This little guy followed me around the whole three sides of a third of the building just in my peripheral vision. 

Cheerleade Rose is growing up but still enthusiastic. 

The leaves are turning red. 

Nope, red bird

Red tuft on this bird's head. Jealous of British goldfinches because they have red heads too. That would be so cool. 

I'm going to stop apologizing for taking so many bird pictures. Won't be that long till some of them migrate and I just plain love doing it. 

Trying to figure out if this is a young finch. Apparently they have more cinnamon colour on their backs. 

I got even closer today. 


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