Thursday, 29 October 2015

New old pictures of Mary Lynn

I've been looking through my printed pictures for certain pictures for someone and sadly at this point I don't think I'll find them because they were special and I put them somewhere special which translates to losing them but I found some other treasures. In no particular order:

Christmas rain cap for my rockin perm. 

Karen and Mike stepping out somewhere fancy. 

I love this so much because other than Christmas the sewing machine only went down for posing when one of us received flowers. 

Paul and ML at my apt in Elmira. 

Paul chewing on a rock. 

ML and the boys and Phil's niece Cindy. 

Sand hippo

Heather and unnamed pal. 

Fishing at the Koch's. 


A more typical scene at the sewing machine. 

One of my favourite crafts. Dad cut the blocks for me. 

Lots of pictures of baby Caleb in tonight's bunch of pictures. 

Sorry bout the pictures of pictures but if I waited to scan them it'd never happen. 

Ava I think. 


And Melissa. 

I love love love this picture of Annette. All the kids ha! had mullets at this age. 

Wasn't so warm today. Broke out the puffy coat. 

Well the magnificent pictures from Arizona are coming in! Henry and Jim had their first day in Zion National Park. No sense in me reposting when you can just follow this link to Henry's blog:

You won't be sorry!

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  1. So nice to see old photos of Mary Lynn. It's hard to believe that a year is nearly gone by since she went on to glory. Praying for you all as this time of year can't be easy.