Wednesday, 14 October 2015

A watched chippy never boils

Was going to go through more pumpkin patch pictures but then that Jays game happened so I really only had time to go through today's walk. Trying to go to bed before 4 am for a change. What a game though. Afterward I felt like going outside to flip some rollators! 

The happy cheerleader rose is still happy but her right arm bud is growing. 

I had fun playing with the autumn background again. 

Bird's bum view

My plan to stage the chippy feeder didn't work, they didn't show up today, but the chickadees popped by later. 

I was excited to see my first blue jay in three years - happy that he didn't turn out to be saying goodbye. Not great pictures but that's ok. 

Chippy showed up closer to home to taunt Harry from a very odd place. 

Maybe this explains why he loves to sniff cars!


This one took me a long time: