Friday, 30 October 2015

A good day with an old camera

I've pretty much settled in with my niece's old canon rebel till my newer one gets fixed because I can't really function without my long canon lens. The Nikon loaner is a few years newer and better in close situations but outside I need a longer lens. The birds and squirrels just won't pose closer and I need a long lens for close ups of flowers. 

Found this pansy volunteer today. 

This is my favourite tree to sit under and look up. 

Not a lot of colour left along here. 

This was fun. I set it up carefully so the nuts wouldn't be on the ground tempting my little dog friends and took a few pictures in case no one showed up. 

I only had one customer but she was a good one!

She would have preferred the treats on the ground. 

But succumbed. 

I think she took some home to the nest and came back. 

I love that this peek a boo way up happened. Check out the feet going in the opposite direction from her head. 

Thanks for the poses!

Harrison on the other hand was NOT planning on leaving the house. I don't know why he lets me put his harness on if he has no intention of setting foot outside. 

I took another round around the building by myself and that got him reved up enough to head out. I suspect he is training me to only take him out after dark. 

Finally getting started on the video from the Grand Harmony extravaganza last week. Here's the Abba Medley:

And today's amazing photos from Bryce National Park:


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